About Modernity

"Television will make up for actual physical presence even more so than
does radio. All the more isolated will be the individual in his retreat, and the
balance of trade will be correspondingly precarious: an enormous influx of
riches, consumption without services in return. The pathetic hermit,
squatting in his room, hundreds of miles away from the scene that he
experiences as his present life, the “viewer” who cannot even laugh or
applaud without feeling ridiculous, is the final product of a century-lung
development, which has led from the campfire, the market place, and the
arena to the lonesome consumer of spectacles today."

Rudolf Arnheim, A Forecast of Television, 1935.

Modernity was a project that I began way back in 2000. It was in fact a failed
project. I had just finished the gigantic Misery double album, and was
perhaps not ready to jump into another project. In any case, several songs
were completed, including
Cash, which was released as a stand-alone
single in 2002, as well as the b-sides on the same single (Profit Machine,
Name Withheld, & Gripping). And several songs also ended up on
Hymns of
, including: End of the End, and This Very Earth), of which Cash
could have easily been a part of, but for what ever reason we left it off.
Similar themes also popped up on
The Me Generation, meaning that
Modernity is, in a way, the completion of an unintentional trilogy of albums
(Hymns of Disillusion, The Me Generation, and Modernity). In a way this is
entirely appropriate. Musically the tree albums are siblings, exploring
related territory, and thematically they all deal with the modern world in
which we live in different, yet related ways. I would encourage the listener to
explore them together. Begin here and work your way back, start at the
beginning and move forward, or the middle… put all three on shuffle and
experience the modern world in its rapid and random confusion. Enjoy…

Zeke Mason
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